Twitter Connections

Over the past couple of days there has been a lengthy discussion on Jen Wagner’s blog about Twitter. There were several comments with which I identified, primarily around the idea that Twitter is an instant connection with things happening in real time, things one might miss if merely relying on RSS feed or email. I always appreciate a tweet with a link to a UStream presentation or webcast about to happen. It’s also helpful to have folks I don’t have in my RSS tweet with a new blog post. I’m all about functionality and connection.

What I don’t necessarily understand is the transformation into concerns about “friends”. It may be that I’m still to new to the connectedness of web 2.0 tools to have long-term connections online with folks. It may be that I am naturally reserved and tend to pretty clearly separate professional and personal spaces. While there Twitter Teamare posts that don’t fall into the informative category – some attempting humor, some individual responses – I just skip them as irrelevant and move on to the next tweet with something interesting for me to click to.

Overall, I have found Twitter to be a great way to broaden my scope of information regarding education and technology. I’m less isolated and much less dependent on any hierarchy of access to technology information in my school district. I’m empowered and connected; I thank those I follow on Twitter for contributing to both.



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3 responses to “Twitter Connections

  1. Gray Clayton

    I love Twitter too – even though I’m quite new to it. I think the way I deal with the frustrations Jen mentions is like this. When someone adds a 140 word comment on Twitter, you can go to their blog and leave a long, long comment if you wish.
    The discussion also made me think again of Ewen Mcintosh’s talk on your public and your private face in web 2.0. (I think Bob Sprankle recorded it at a recent conference and put it into Bit By Bit.)

  2. Gray and Sarah, good points. We control our own twitters. I will now go and listen to Ewan’s podcast, haven’t caught up with all of that conference from Alan November’s BLC, learning communities.

  3. edueyeview

    Gray, Thanks so much for mentioning Ewan’s talk – I’ll go look for the podcast, as it seems really relevant to both this discussion and the ways in which students are working and interacting online.

    Cheryl – thanks for commenting from NH! Loved the Flickr post of pics of folks. The chairs look comfy!

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