Games and learning : my recent bookmarks

I’m slowly trying to find ways to implement games in my classes. I’m bound and determined not to call a "drill" a game, or use things that are really the equivalent of a quiz in "game" format. I want the experiences to be more valid than that for the students. It might be that designing games as an assessment of content knowledge engages a certain demographic more so than a podcast or movie project.  I’m hoping my tech club will want to mod games to create teaching tools for other teachers for community service credit. I want to figure out how to use the AI of the games in ways that keeps the learning in the "hard fun" range.  We’ll see if I can pull it off in little ways this year – try a few things, get some ideas from the students, see what flies and what bombs, and which other teachers I can talk into trying these ideas in their classes too.  

Below are just a few of my recent games/learning bookmarks. Suggestions of other sites, blog posts, journal articles, etc. would be more than welcome – but most especially examples from the classroom. I teach art, but I’m doing tech integration with all subjects at the secondary level and am interested in pretty much all the applications of games in public education.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I recently had the fortune of being with Ewan McIntosh in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where we spent an afternoon discussing gaming in education. As a result it has really peaked my interest in how games can be used to further our students learning. I’ve created the Gaming in Education wiki as an attempt at creating a collaborative location for teachers using this approach with their students. Thanks again. – John

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