TEDxDirigo the X outside Fort AndrossYesterday was a good day. I spent 10 hours or so surrounded by motivated, articulate, passionate people who care deeply about the world and taking action in some way to make that world better. (Here’s the list of speakers, but I don’t have a list of everyone who was there.) For someone who is typically engrossed in discussions of education, technology in education, the arts in education, creative thinking in education – you get the idea- it was both refreshing and eye opening to spend a day thinking about things that weren’t (for the most part) placed directly within the context of education. In the words of Peter Arnold, every day we should go “off to save the world”, in whatever way we feel called. His focus is energy sustainability, but I think he’s on target for how we should all feel about what we do every day. John Paul Caponigro reminded us all of the importance of mark making, through words, drawing or photography, to inspire and make tangible our creative ideas as a force for creation and change (or to what ends your personal vision leads). There were calls to action around local foods, alternative energy, environmental responsibility and the importance of pausing to breathe. Antonio Rocha called our attention to moments of transition, playing on perception and awareness, shifting points of focus seamlessly before our eyes and ears.  Gola Wolf Richards moved me deeply with his writing on the way in which “understanding the nature of change changes the nature of understanding”.

How will these big ideas filter into my own actions, classroom, workshops and discussions with others? I’m not sure yet. The premise of the day felt good, laden with potential for action and change. How it will play out is still too soon to know, but I look forward to seeing the sprouts of these seeds coming up around our state in the near future, and the ripple effects for a long time to come.

(My photos of the day are here, on Flickr.)


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