Daily Links 10/26/2011

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    • By giving art the impetus of supreme simplicity – novelty – we are being human and true in relation to innocent pleasures; impulsive and vibrant in order to crucify boredom.
    • DADA – this is a word that throws up ideas so that they can be shot down
    • A work of art shouldn’t be beauty per se, because it is dead; neither gay nor sad, neither light nor dark; it is to rejoice or maltreat individualities to serve them up the cakes of sainted haloes or the sweat of a meandering chase through the atmosphere.
    • After the carnage we are left with the hope of a purified humanity.
    • Thus DADA was born* , out of a need for independence, out of mistrust for the community.
    • The new painter creates a world whose elements are also its means, a sober, definitive, irrefutable work. The new artist protests: he no longer paints (symbolic and illusionistic reproduction) but creates directly in stone, wood, iron, tin, rocks, or locomotive structures capable of being spun in all directions by the limpid wind of the momentary sensation.
    • Order = disorder; ego = non-ego; affirmation – negation: the supreme radiations of an absolute art.
    • It is only contrast that links us to the past.
    • Every page should explode, either because of its profound gravity, or its vortex, vertigo, newness, eternity, or because of its staggering absurdity, the enthusiasm of its principles, or its typography.
    • I assure you: there is no beginning, and we are not afraid; we aren’t sentimental.
    • preparing the great spectacle of disaster, conflagration and decomposition
    • from the opposite point of view, so as to  impose their opinions indirectly, is called dialectic,
    • this injustice is the indication of our soul
    • what is divine in us is the awakening of anti-human action
    • There is no ultimate Truth.
    • there is great destructive, negative work to be done. To sweep, to clean.
    • I proclaim the opposition of all the cosmic faculties to that blennorrhoea of a putrid sun that issues from the factories of philosophical thought, the fight to the death, with all the resources of  


    • Every product of disgust that is capable of becoming a negation of the family is dada
    • DADA; abolition of logic, dance of those who are incapable of creation:
    • DADA; the absolute and indiscutable belief in every god that is an immediate product of spontaneity:
    • Liberty: DADA DADA DADA; – the roar of contorted pains, the interweaving of contraries and all contradictions, freaks and irrelevancies: LIFE.
    • I hate slimy objectivity, and harmony, the science that considers that everything is always in order.
    • I am against systems; the most acceptable system is that of have none on no principle
    • Art does nobody any harm,
    • Art is a private thing, the artist makes it for himself; a comprehensible work is the product of a journalist,
    • Logic is always false. It draws the superficial threads of concepts and words towards illusory conclusions and centres.
  • DADA Art at MOMA

    tags: MOMA dada art

  • Article on Hannah Hoch photo montage (1997 exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art NYC

    tags: hannahhoch dada photomontage collage photo

  • Great short audio about a Jean (Hans) Arp cut/torn paper collage.

    tags: dada arp collage paper video MOMA

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