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Tweet alert starts the ball rolling

It all started with a tweet from Vicki Davis that she was about to be on Wow2 with David Warlick. I should back up to say that the reason I get Vicki’s tweets is that she was the only person I knew that was on twitter – so when I signed up I opted to follow her tweets. Good thing. I thought it would be neat to hear a Wow2 webcast, so I went to the link. Then I realized I needed the Java update . . .and that Safari wouldn’t work . . .but that Firefox would . . and how to make an account . . and where to log in to the webcast . .found the listening part . . had to access help to find the backchannel chat, but finally found my way in. Wahoo! I am swimming! I had to work at it to keep up with the audio and read the backchannel – wow, that was a fast read. I did manage to toss in one comment, but my connection is perhaps not as speedy as I thought before the streaming/chatting experience, so I opted to listen and read. David’s comment that his blogs take 10 minutes . . .made me realize that as long as there is something I want to comment on, I could probably do it and get it out there – and not worry about the polish too terribly much. Thus the post you are reading now . . .

I sit here, amazed that I managed to find my way in and around, but also pleased and excited for the next experience. David Warlick’s 2¢Worth post today about teachers teaching themselves – since that’s how we learned most of this already anyhow – seemed a little cavalier in terms of assuming that teachers (the understood “good” teachers) would figure it out for themselves. When I bring things back to my peers, I get a lot of blank stares – not out of a disregard for the concepts or applications, but out of a lack of frame of reference. WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE DONT KNOW. The issue isn’t how to teach it to the teachers, but how to get them hooked up so the get the information about new technology. They don’t have a stream for this stuff yet. We need to get the teachers connected, get the administration aware and supportive, and for heavens sake unblock access to the resources.

That’s my 10 minute post for tonight. 🙂


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