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Managing student blog pages

I’m new to having kids blog – or will be new when we actually get started. I made the edublog page to start with, and now I need to figure out how to give the kids all pages in a safe, non-scary way. I teach high school art, so the kids are old enough to figure most of this out on their own. I just want to be sure the forum I’m providing as part of their classwork is managed enough for their safe use and to make the administration comfortable with what I’m doing. I would LOVE to see what other art teachers (or any hs teacher, for that matter) are doing as far as keeping it all organized, or suggestions for the safety angle, or how it’s handled in the classroom, etc. No one else in my district is blogging yet, so I’m looking to you all for help.

This is what I have so far: http://mssutter.edublogs.org

I look forward to any suggestions you may have.


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